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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 11, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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our thanks to rick stengel, katie packer, and mark morale. that does it for our hour. "mtp daily" starts right now with katy tur in the for chuck. >> hi. if it's monday, a day of disaster response and remembrance. tracking irma. >> got to keep everybody safe. >> the massive storm moves north leaving destruction across the state of florida. plus, defending the homeland 16 years after 9/11. >> we've marshalled resources and organized them in a way to confront the threat of terrorism, also to organize ourselves in a way that will allow us to respond to any event. >> i'm talk to former homeland security secretary jeh johnson about the threat of terrorism and the storm operations facing the dhs today. >> when americans are in need,
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americans pull together, and we are one country. >> and can president trump heal the divide within his own party? this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. good evening. i'm katy tur in new york, in for chuck todd. willi welcome to ho"mtp daily." our country could use historical unity. diving into the politics in a moment, but let's start with what is now tropical storm irma exiting florida after impacting the entire state from the keys to the panhandle, jacksonville and the northeast part of the state receiving record-setting flooding in the wake of irma. rain combined with a storm surge
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caused water to spill over the banks of the st. john's river. flood levels along the river surpassed the previous high recorded in 1864. the city ordered people to stay inside amid the surge today and to fly white flags outside their homes to signal for help. florida's governor said river flooding is the greatest risk left to the state. southern georgia and eastern alabama are currently experiencing the diminished force of irma with winds now in the neighborhood of about 60 miles per hour. high winds and rain impacting south carolina as well. over the weekend irma left a path of destruction in cuba, where government officials reported ten fatalities. the area around naples was among the hardest-hit parts of florida this weekend with around six feet of storm surge which was still less than the 15 feet expected. the city of tampa was also bracing for a severe hit but
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emerged without the catastrophic damage residents feared. you're looking at an aerial shot of key west here. more than 6.5 million customers state wide lost power. tom bossert said returning power to the state is a main priority and the restoration effort will be the largest of its kind in u.s. history. he also warned floridians about returning to their homes too quickly. >> now, though, the message is not to rush re-entry. there are still dangerous conditions downed, electric lines, flood conditions. problems that would be compounded by your re-entry. listen to local officials not only about re-entry. >> and praising efforts throughout the storm and sizz h says his is read to get things
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on track. >> got to keep everybody safe. get hospitals back open. fuel back here. got to get roads opened. get everybody electricity back and i can't tell you anybody that's not working's my experience is, everybody is working their tail off, and unfortunately everybody has to be patient. it's going to be a lot of work to get it done. >> morgan radford is in jacksonville, florida, where they've been dealing with record flooding in the aftermath of irma. morgan, we talked a few hours ago as the water was just starting to rise again. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: take a look at this, katy. we said the waters were expected to rise four to six feet and have already seen them rise just in the past few hours. look behind me here. that's actually the st. john's river. this was a pier just yesterday. a pier. you could see a park bench behind me. no longer crested over. we spoke with somebody that lives on the left-hand corner.
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we didn't expect waves to enter the fourth-floor windows of people's homes. this car completely ruined. water's kwh actually pushed it from its parking space. it's like we're at the beach. no divider, barrier, between the waters and this residential area. this is a low-lying area in jacksonville. this whole area from here to downtown has completely been flooded. thousands of people are now without power. earlier, katy, we were in gainesville, florida, where we started our morning. there about 50,000 people were out of power in that county and 21 shelters set up. remember, that's the university of florida territory. when those students are in session there's about 160,000 residents, and the primary shelter there was at capacity. students had been encouraged to bring their parents so that they, too, could receive safety. as we traveled from gainesville
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to get leer to jacksonville, stopped on the side of the road. i saw a woman whose house was completely flooded. stranded standing on her front porch. we put our waders, does she need anything, water, food. we managed to get to her front door. she said i'm here with my two daughters. something completely different about being responsible for yourself, when you're taking care of the life of your child and ensuring their safety is a different level of anxiety and spron responsibility. those were the stories we'd been hearing all through central florida. they took a mattress and create add safety zone inside her own people. people are trying to get power resto restored, some trying to get out of their own apartments. this water was swirling in front of homes earlier. people getting a firsthand look at the devastation after hurricane irma. katy? >> morgan radford in jacksonville. stay safe. turning now to tonight's big political news.
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we've gotten to the point where it's a big story when the forces pulls us together seem to be greater than those pulling us apart. president trump typically feeds off division and relishes any opportunity to alienate critics, but two natural disasters and the anniversary of september 11th, today, seemed to have changed that calculus, at least temporarily. he cut a deal with the opposition party to fund disaster relief, gave them a potential bargaining chip to save daca in the process. he's going to visit florida in the wake of irma and today he commemorated one of this nation's most somber moments. >> when americans are in need, americans pull together. and we are one country, and when we face hardship, we emerge closer, stronger, and more determined than ever. so here at this memorial with hearts both sad and determined, we honor every hero who keeps us
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safe and free, and we pledge to work together to fight together and to overcome together every enemy and obstacle that's ever in our path. >> somber moments. yes, there is ample reason to be very, very cynical, given the president's track record, but there is also ample reason to believe that he is relishing this rare moment of unity and bipartisanship. the senate's top democrat chuck schumer got a call from the president and was practically gushing about all the favorable press coverage after announcing a deal to find hurricane disaster relief, but will it last? because it rarely does. that deal came at the expense of mr. trump's only republican leadership who got rolled during negotiations by they are own president. those republican leaders are seemingly growing increasingly frustrated with mr. trump,
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because he, and some of his allies, seem to be waging a public campaign against them. like this -- >> the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. that's a brutal fact we have to face. >> who? >> i think mitch mcconnell to a degree paul ryan. they do not want donald trump's populist economic nationalist agenda. to be implemented. >> at the same time, politico reports that bannon is plotting primaries against senate republicans who are up for re-election next year, including these three establishment republicans. dean heller of nevada, jeff flake of arizona and bob corker of tennessee. that is music to democrats' ears in those states who would love nothing more than a raging gop civil war. but that merely papers over the democratic party's broader problem. struggling to figure how to deal with trump, and you have to wonder how much appetite either base is going to have when it comes to cutting deals with the
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other side. i'm joined now by republican congressman tom reid of new york, who is the co-chair of a bipartisan group of nearly 40 members called the problem solvers caucus. congressman, thanks so much for joining us, first off. you're co-chair of the problem solvers caucus. are you doing that because you don't necessarily believe that this congress can get things done with the current leadership that is in place? >> no. we started the problem solvers caucus because i think there's a hunger here amongst members both on the democrat and republican side saying enough is enough. time to govern for the american people. and that's what we committed ourselves to in january and i think what the president did here last week was brilliant. he is, reached out to the other side and i think there's going to be an appetite for many to say we're willing to govern. >> doesn't seem like there's an appetite among republican
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leadership. mitch mcconnell doesn't seem pleased with the deal made with chuck schumer. do you have full faith in republican leadership, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell right now or full faith in president trump? >> well, you know, i support our speaker and mitch mcconnell in their efforts. end of the day you have to govern. right now the track record for us isn't that positive. it's fair criticism. on congress. to get things done. that's what we're about. because we're an alternative to a partisan path, that, to me, the best legislative path anyway for american people. that's the center of the country from which we operate from. >> does the president have full faith? >> willing to work with anybody with an ability to govern and want to govern. >> not necessarily republicans right now? >> right now we've had difficulties getting our agenda pushed forward and represented by the health care debate unfold in the senate the way it did.
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now is not the time to look backward but forward. the american people, this president represents and the opportunity to govern for them. >> what do you make of steve bannon's war on republicans, war on republican leadership right now? >> i think he, take him at his word what he's trying to engage in and trying to do in regards to that. those who are in the obstruction mode who don't want to govern, can't deliver results for the american people will have to answer for constituents. why i want to be a voice those willing, the rise of the governing members to say enough is enough of this partisan gridlock that gripped this city. >> what about this -- this idea that the republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election as steve bannon alleges? >> i wouldn't leave it at the republican establishment. my seven years here demonstrated the status quo wants to keep the grip on the policies of yesterday. there's a reason why. they are the establishment in
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the static quo on both sides of the aisle. what will happen, we'll see leaders rise up like us on the problem solvers caucus saying enough it that. it's not working for people back he'll, who we represent and need to govern for. >> congressman, do you consider yourself a republican or more of a trump-icht for laest? lack of a better word? >> i represent individual power. lower burdens for people on their day-to-day lives. the philosophy i bring to the table but willing to be pragmatic say 70% of a loaf is a victory, not a defeat. that's the difference between governor members and those beholden to extremes. >> what about more moderate colleagues in congress that are talking about retiring. jongman dent, wychered, ross litman. those folks known to reach out to the other side, known to make bipartisan deals saying, enough's enough and i'm not running for re-election?
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>> i respect each member's individual decision, whether or not to run and represent folks here in washington, d.c. this is at times very frustrating. we share frustration with the american people. if e want to be part of the solution and stay here we need to demonstrate leadership and lead and govern for the american people and that's what we'll try to do forward doing 230erd. >> find more hard-line conservatives? freedom caucus hasn't been apt to deal with the other side. steve bannon doesn't seem to be going after the freedom caucus, more of the more moderate ring of the republican party. are you concerned that the freedom caucus and folks like them are going to get more power here and that's going to make the gridlock in washington even more -- acute than it is at the moment? >> katy, a fair point, but extremism on both sides of the equation, both on the left and right i'm concerned about. the more we go into screened camps the less is done for the american. i. why we'll be a voice to govern
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and bring people together. >> would you support a deal to save daca in exchange for border security? >> that is i think a natural deal that's come into be and discussions underway. a lot of energy to try to put together a position that we can take. so i think there's a natural deal when it comes to immigration reform that can find that solution, because border security is a 70% issue. daca 70% issue and both fundamentally right for purposes upon when they stand. putting that deal together takes leadership. what we're all about. >> sounds like that's a yes? >> i would be open to a conversation along those lines as long as we take care of our agriculture community same time. additional issues to be addressed putting this together, too. >> problem solvers have a plan for health care. does the white house support it? >> we've been talking with the white house most importantly seeing in the senate from our efforts as problem solvers caucus comes to stabilizing the marketplace. lam
2:16 pm
lamar alexander and the health department having meetings as we speak. not taking on the big issue of health care, we need to continue the conversation and get health care costs going in the right direction. a longer term conversation and a lot of effort and appetite for those types of reforms. >> congressman, thank you for coming. always good to have you on the show. >> thanks for having us on, katy. more on the republican divide ahead. meanwhile, continuing to monitor tropical storm irma. bring you any new updates as we get them and you can say up to date on the storm's track on our website, more "mtp daily," right after this. we've heard damage all through the night. come out this morning, let the dogs use the bathroom and seen all the damage. thank god it didn't get grandma's car or the house. so far we're safe. out of power right now. so hopefully everything will be back up and running soon. with 33 individual vertebrae
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where back. still learning extent of the destruction in the caribbean and florida from hurricane irma. pictures out of the region, though, are tough to see. some people lost everything, an entire region that will need years to rebuild. many people want to know what they can do to help. here are just a few organizations helping in the relief effort, and here's how to get involved. volunteer florida is looking for individuals to work in the state's shelters and donations to keep them stocked. you can sign up at the crowd soliciting website global giving has a $2 million goal for funding relief to survivors and long-term recovery assistance to the residents of the region. former nba all-star tim duncan set up a fund offering assistance in his native u.s. virgin islands. pledging $250,000 of his own money and matching, matching funds up to $1 million for all donations. you can join tim duncan at
2:20 pm relieffund. your phone, text irma to 90999 to chip in $10 to the american red cross. find an expanded list of relief organizations on remember, every little bit helps. reminder, though, the center for international disaster information says that in situations like these, monetary don'tations to a trusted relief organization are much more helpful than donations of stuff. be right back with more "mtp daily" after this. is guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. welcome back to "mtp daily." let's bring in tonight's panel. susan del percio, republican strategist. a former clinton campaign adviser and the director of progressive programming at sirius xm and nick is an msnbc contributor and reporter with the "new york times." reaction to that interview i
2:22 pm
just did with tom reid. a found it so interesting that he wasn't necessarily on the side of republican leadership. he kept saying, we've got to get things done and kept endorsing donald trump working with whomever he needs to work with? >> because tom reid comes from a district that went full-in for donald trump and yet he also knows that he needs to produce results for his district. so he'll play the fence a little bit and it makes sense for where he is politically. >> what about the bases of both parties, though? >> look, i think the trump base is a trump base at this point. not a republican base. he has a lot of ability and power to make them see the world in his image and his way. so if he says the problem is other republicans, there is a big chunk of that base that will say, yep. the problem is them. >> absolutely. >> why we saw, places like breitbart, attacking other republicans after this debt deal, and not so much pelosi so much. >> and the democratic base is
2:23 pm
opposed to donald trump and the policies that this administration is working towards. the debt ceiling was that one exception that we need to get this done in order for everything to function properly. so that was something that sirius and grown-ups say we need a deal. surprised the president did the 180 an gave them what they wanted. >> bargaining chip potentially -- lost a lot of leverage with that. >> talking before how it feels like, i guess, a week, maybe week and a half, two weeks with harvey now irma, 9/11, the president hasn't sensed many inflammatory tweets. none actually pop up off the top of my minds, which is unusual. and he seems to have been pulling back. this idea that this might be a, hate to use this word, the p word -- >> don't do it. >> no. i think we've learned enough to talk about how -- a little ludicrous to expect. do you think he has an opportunity if he keeps going
2:24 pm
with this to find a way to heal some of the wounds maybe he's help inflict? >> in his own party, perhaps. certainly more responsible with his twitter feed, more likely to work with him, support him and not attack him in the press like we've seen with prominent previously supporting -- republicans who previously supported donald trump. i don't think there's any chance that the democrats or independents who have left him that voted for him and left him will side with him. i think he's done enough that it's not like we're going to forget a week ago, or the tweet two weeks ago that was inflammatory. done enough damage, particularly after charlottesville. >> but very happy if his poll numbers go up. a good chance of them doing, after responding to two major storms and doing the bipartisanship. if he thinks doing a little bipartisanship with chuck and nancy works for him, maybe he'll do it again on issues he thinks he can get something out of it, but nothing close to a pivot.
2:25 pm
maybe a pirouette. >> a terrible word from the lexicon. >> what sets him up next? another piece of the russia investigation? >> yes. the next subpoena. >> and something. >> look, this is who he is. he's tactical, not strategic. not feeling the obligation to leaders of his own party. he has two big ideas, which are trade and immigration. everything else is shifting. everything else is contingent which is why on a good day for conservatives it's a very good day, he'll hand the keys over, and on a bad day says forget about it. i'm mad at you. >> but they can't get anything done. >> give you an example. on things that involve him delegating power to appointees in the agencies on regulation policy, on court appointments, conservatives are doing very, very well. on anything else that requires, like, dealmaking and legislation, it has been a terrible time for republicans. so it's a, kind of a two-faced
2:26 pm
god ear i. agree with the policy point of immigration and trade, but the other big concern he has is the economy especially the markets. when the markets -- the one thing he's able to hang his hat on and say look what's happened since i've been president. actually the only thing that's happened since he's been president in a positive, big way. not that he gets all the credit. that could be discussed. >> i was going to say. >> the fact is markets are up, over 22,000, and the dow, and he likes to say that a lot. if he takes actions that affects the market, another issue he has to keep an eye on, i think. >> listen to senator schumer talking about the phone call he had with trump. it's actually just not a sound bite. a full screen. i got a call early this morning. so great. what he said -- do you watch fox news? i said, not really. they're praising you. meaning me, but he said, and your stations, i guess, meaning msnbc and cnn, are praising me. this is great.
2:27 pm
i find that, nick, to be such a -- such a remarkable statement. >> he lives by his ratings, period. that's the way he sees the world. i shouldn't say -- >> is he going to like that? that news coming out? it feels like it looks like chuck schumer is playing him so hard. >> the president should get praise for the debt deal. the first president who said, you know what? forget all the theatrics around this made-up issue. shouldn't be fighting about it. i'm not making a big deal. motives may not be pure but took something shouldn't be an internal football and said forget about it. good for him. >> and the trump inch, trumpettes along with him. right? >> doesn't have core principles and ready to make a deal when he sees it to his benefit. >> not ideological. transactional i kept hearing. have seen evidence of being transactional just yet. one piece of the puzzle so far.
2:28 pm
see if it continues. don't use the word pivot. >> no. >> stay with us. don't pivot from your seats. pivot a second, but then come back. still ahead, as irma continues to bring wind and rain, the cleanup effort in southern florida just beginning. jeh johnson weighs in how the department should respond. >> about 5 million outages is what we've had, and we've restored about a million outages but i will tell you this, it's not over. we still have customers in north florida that are losing power because of the storm. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do.
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welcome back to "mtp daily." the u.n. security council is considered even more sanctions against north korea today. the u.s.-led effort condemning country recent more aggressive nuclear test, but still unclear whether china or russia will support the effort and if they don't it would fail. the security council set to publicly debate the sanctions bill around 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. diplomats have been behind closed doors debating for much of this afternoon. this would be just the latest in a series of sanctions against the north after increasingly bombastic rhetoric and tests over recent weeks and months. just last week, russian president vladimir putin questioned whether further sanctions would do anything to curb north korea's behavior.
2:33 pm
so it's unclear if the kremlin will support the measure this time around. still ahead, former homeland security secretary jeh johnson on how the current white house is handling crises here and abroad. first, julia boorstin has the cnbc market wrap. hi. >> thanks, katy. stocks rising shorply with hurricane irma losing steam. the dow jumps almost 260 points. s&p up rallying to a record close. nasdaq up by 72 points. details on the new iphone leaked ahead of tomorrow's launch convenient. the anniversary edition featuring facial recognition and cordless charges. that's it from cnbc. first in business, worldwide. ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program,
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welcome back. some floridians are still seeing rising water from hurricane irma, the federal government is tasked with responds not only to damage there but also damage in texas from hurricane harvey, and wildfires raging in many states
2:37 pm
out west. president trump signed the disaster declaration last week, but it's almost certain more funds will be needed after irma. joining me now is jeh johnson, former secretary of homeland security for president obama. secretary, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on . good to have you. looking from the destruction from hurricane harvey and irma and wildfires from a homeland security perspective what should you happening now? >> important to remember response to natural disasters is a collective effort, state, local and first responders and a time when we really do see, and i've been to a number of disaster scenes when in office, federal, state, local and volunteer and the american red cross all working together pretty effectively. florida is a massive disaster. houston, texas, was a massive disaster, and we really count on our first responders to pull together and by all accounts from what i'm seeing, they're
2:38 pm
doing that. i think brock long, the new fema administrators gets ate of credit and fema, frankly, is in a much better place than the days of katrina and i give craig fugate, the former fema administrator forebuilding that conversation into a first-rate organization. >> the response, with all of the disasters we're seeing, irma, harvey, wildfires. does it get stretched? are there enough resources to go around? >> clearly, there are limited resources. limited person power. limited dollars. congress is going to have to go back in to the coffers for florida, i suspect. and so there are a lot of people. right now working overtime. the press is kind of moved off of texas. but the recovery effort is still very much underway there. people are digging themselves out and trying to get back to their homes. the water's receding but the damage is still there. so the effort of fema, the red cross and i'm glad to see that you put out information about how people can donate to the red
2:39 pm
cross. they're still on the ground and going to be on the ground for some time and be on the ground for some time in florida as well. >> especially considering -- >> and the virgin islands. >> and those who didn't have flood insurance in houston because they weren't in a flood zone. the process of getting that up and running, tom bossert, talking a little earlier, homeland security advisers talking earlier about the process of getting that done. federal, state, local. he said it could take weeks rnlg i'm sure it will and one of the things fema does exceptionally well is mobilize resources, mobilize food, water, generators before the storm hits. i like to say the u.s. army could take a lesson from fema. now it's very much mobilization of resources. getting people the word about how they can use these resources, and giving them the needed safety tips. it's still not safe, necessarily, to go out, leave your home and go out in place
2:40 pm
where is there might be downed power lines and trees and so forth. >> seems the president has -- not using the word pivot. no one likes that word, but adjusted in the past couple weeks and hasn't been as inflammatory as he had been in the past. do you think that this could be -- are you hopeful this could be donald trump moving in a more unifying direction? >> well, who's to know? how many times have we forecast that. >> said it a lot. >> in the last eight months. >> asked it a lot. >> and next week something else blows up. john kelly appears to be doing a fine job as the white house chief of staff. i know john. i have a tremendous amount of confidence in him. and he appears to be -- putting organization and order to this white house very much with the president's approval, and i think that is reflected in a lot of the decision-making process we're seeing. the rollout of secretary mattis
2:41 pm
and general dunford in front of the west wing. i suspect john had a lot to do with that. >> and get things together. the former circuit dhs, shores-lived term certainly for him, how did that prepare him for the white house? >> well, certainly occupying that politically appointment civilian position working in the inner agency, getting a firsthand look at how the national security council works. the white house staff, how it functions. you get a window into that as a cabinet secretary. i'm sure went a long way to preparing john but he has the president's confidence, and more than just the seven-month experience, he's a man of character and integrity and he's a tough individual. so he's going to -- going to hang in there, when the commander in chief asks to do something, salute and say, yes, sir. >> moving to another subject. there's news this week that facebook was selling ads to russians who created bots and
2:42 pm
ploo memes to sway u.s. voters. and you said you didn't know anything about this in homeland security. should you have? >> that's an interesting question. nothing would surprise me. at this point. in homeland security, in dhs last year we were very focused on the hacking at the dnc and were very, very focused on the scanning and probing we saw around voter registration databases. the list of states where we saw this activity was growing. and we did not know where it was going to lead by election day. so my effort, first and foremost, was to get the states to come in, seek our cyber security assistance and 33 of them actually did that. so that was a principle point of focus. things coming to light and i don't believe we've seen the end of the story. there may be more out there to be told about last year's election season.
2:43 pm
>> farrisbook's a private company. how do you combat that? stop them from taking money from a foreign government to make ads that could sway the u.s. electorate? a lot of people are concerned about that. >> a very good question, and sometimes trying to keep track of who's on facebook, who's on youtube, and other internet service providers can be like trying to chase a rabbit because they can act with lightning speed, are aggressive, clever. tenacious and i said to congress in june that it's going to get worse before it gets bet perp those on offense have the upper hand right now, because they're so creative and ingenious. so i think we have a long way to go. this needs to be a national imperative and partnership between the federal government and private sector. >> 16 years after 9/11. what's the biggest threat facing us right now? >> well, the thing that kept me up at night, and many things kept me up at night, but the thing that kept me up most often
2:44 pm
was home-grown violent extremism. counterterrorism, terrorism, evolved a long way from 9/11. dhs was formed in 2002 on the assumption that terrorism is something that would infiltrate our borders. so we merged all of these border security functions into one cabinet level department. now i think we have to be focused, in addition, to home-grown violent extremism. which is why when i was in office i really wanted to see us bolster our domestic countering domestic violence efforts in this country and hoped that this administration will continue that. i'm worried they will not. >> former homeland security secretary, jeh johnson. appreciate your time. still ahead, former trump strategist steve bannon has advice for democrats. and we're continuing to follow tropical storm irma as it moves north into georgia and south carolina agency the impact of the storm is still being
2:45 pm
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welcome back. president trump's former chief strategist steve bannon throwing flames at members of his own party and blasting republican leadership, but also talking about democrats' future.
2:47 pm
in an interview with cbs' "60 minutes" bannon believes the democratic party won't truly be competitive until they go through an intraparty civil war of their own. >> if i'm the democrat party, there's no breitbart. the problem in the democratic party they haven't is a civil war. the financial crisis shows you that. obama and guys in that administration understood they had to go hold these people on wall street accountable and they blinked. bernie sanders had every opportunity. the clinton corruption, knew how the wall street crowd has a lock on the democratic party and did not have the guts to take on hillary clinton in that primary. >> bannon says -- went on to say he thinks democrats have the same problem with their establishment that republicans have with theirs. we'll dig into that right after this short break. ountry. you're c.i.a.? shh... based on an incredible true story... we need you to deliver stuff for us. of the c.i.a.'s biggest secret.
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2:50 pm
it's time for our panel who is back. before we went to break talking the democratic party not had intraparty civil war. they need their own version of brietbart and bernie sanders dropped the ball. what do you think of that? >> think the democratic party had that in the 1980s and 1990s and center left more or less won it at the time. question is is there enough difference of opinion now in the spectrum for a second civil war? i remember when centrist democrats wanted to privatize social security and saying it's fine to be against abortion rights when closer with wall street. i think now that's closed. anti-wall street party in i lot of ways and moving to left of health care and can't even find
2:51 pm
a republican wanting to privatize social security. >> is the solution finding a candidate more like bernie sanders? >> you have hopefuls like cory booker and cammal la harris signing on so moving left and anti-wall street as nick said but also think that identity politics has to be at center -- >> steve bannon said they will fail. >> i don't listen to steve bannon on identity politics, insert civil rights. identity politics are for women and people of color, marginalized communities. >> doesn't concern you, given that trump turned working-class democrats felt left behind. >> working-class white voters. there's emerging people of color and coalitions.
2:52 pm
future is diverse, not just only working-class white voters. there are working-class black and latino voters. let's be clear. >> good word. coalition. and needle could be different trying to thread it. and not just women or minorities or business-related -- there's a lot to be gone through with a lot of different groups. each party is having that problem. they don't know -- no one is going to be able to be a purist. that's causing the civil war in a lot of ways, except for the freedom caucus, able to vote against storm aid which is absurd. besides that politics in each party, can't put your name out for 2020 if you're democrat because be destroyed if you do it before 2018. >> is that why not putting out name? >> of course, beaten up from both sides doing absolutely nothing and knocked out. >> harris or booker the answer
2:53 pm
to that? more progressive wing of the party, more in tune with the anger. base than elizabeth warren? >> booker is considered to be too close to wall street in some parts of the party. i don't agree in some ways. depends on what coalition politics are. includes a substantial number of white working-class voters, not all, half, but some. every democrat who has won the presidency succeeded in doing that. i'm not a strategist. >> that's the chunk that donald trump took off. >> if you can't figure it out, dems will be minority party for years to come. >> can you come out of democratic party going against the -- >> leaving out voter suppression. impacts young people,
2:54 pm
millennials and people of color. democrat base. >> going to get cured or fixed? >> we need to focus on it. didn't talk about it in leadup to the elections because studies say if you talk about it, suppresses the vote more. but wisconsin, margin 70,000 and 200,000 black voters not able to vote because of cross check, you get into a point where yes we can win without as much of the white working-class base as donald trump won. >> why not recruit people from california to move to michigan and wisconsin? seems like simplistic answer. >> worked so well in georgia congressional seat. someone wasn't from the district. >> voters. >> live there. >> vote there. >> brought this up repeatedly talked about what is going on. >> democrats have more voters but in the wrong places.
2:55 pm
that's the problem. >> but -- >> one reason why. policies in red states are harmful to marginalized communities so choose to live in california and new york. >> got it. >> susan, zelina, nick, thanks for being here. after the break, corey sanders proves to be a big dolphins fan. stay with us.
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
through marco island on sunday, thrashing homes along the gulf with 130-mile-an-hour winds. what happens when your home is the gulf? nbc's kerry sanders to the rescue. lent a helping hand to stranded marine life this morning. came across a good samaritan trying to guide a baby dolphin back into the water. exhausted animal couldn't fight the waves forcing it back to shore. that's when kerry leapt into action. soon on his way, sending kerry the all clear from behind the wave crests. >> looks like he's made it. what do you think? >> i'm happy, very nice. thank you for your help too. >> it's a team effort. >> really was. >> should we name him? >> marco. >> there we ge, marco island. thank you very much. >> hero's work is never done.
3:00 pm
after marco made it back, second bigger dolphin needed a lift as well. this time a few more passersby joined in for the rescue. didn't get naming ceremony but seemed to get back where it belongs. that is all for tonight. good note to end on. back tomorrow with more "mtp daily," "the beat withg ari melber" starts right now. did you know this is not the first time that kerry has saved dolphins? done it in years' past. >> studies show that dolphins' brains are larger than many news anchors. >> i'm sure it hurts your feelings. >> look up to dolphin standard. >> give me best p impression? no? >> arms race that today you won. >> getting back for drinking reference last time. >> we'll r


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